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Untitled (yet) SW:TOR FF


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Hello there!


Even though I am not new to the game (been around for couple of years) I am totally new to the Forums and this is my first post ever. I am a huge fan of Star Wars universe, with The Old Republic timeline specifically, and events presented in SW:TOR, inspired me to come up with my own story. Although there are few spoilers from the Dread Masters and KOTET plots, I expect this fanfiction to be loosely connected to the game’s main story axis.


I solely dedicate this project to exercising my imagination, language (english is not my native language) and writing workshop purpose. If you find posted content interetsing feel free to leave a feedback. I welcome all the criticism.


And, May the Force serve you well.



Chapter I: Among the sands



* * *

Billions of stars shine on the night skies of planets all across the galaxy. They were there long before us and they will remain long after we’re gone. Millions of stars, millions of planets, millions of living beings… And one force that binds all of that together. The Force. Enigmatic and unknown for many, the Force is the greatest ally for those aware of its presence and power. Force-sensitive creatures, if lucky enough, spend their lives studying it, trying to understand it, to comprehend it.


The Force is a universal, pure and raw power. Therefore, only those who feel it and use it, choose what purpose it serves for. But in the galaxy, torn apart with total war and local conflicts on countless inhabited worlds, there is as many purposes as many is living beings out there...


* * *


As far as the eye could see an endless horizon, covered with barren desert, was varied only by lone, slender rock formations. Constant winds have been carving them for centuries, relentless in an attempt of turning everything they met on their ways into a dust. Even in the midst of this seemingly dead landscape, life has found a way, blooming and wilting to the rhythm of sandstorms traversing the planet's surface. Rare clusters of rock spires gave shelter to an equally rare flora and fauna struggling with the hostile environment. Life-giving water could be found in stone basins and bends, and underground sources, deep inside canyons, formed small oases scattered irregularly among the sands of the globe-wide desert.


The natural barrier of the asteroid field orbiting Darvannis along with its arid surface not only hampered the approach, but made the planet not worth it at all. Though most space wanderers avoided this corner of the galaxy, there was one specific group that has favoured this place as a secret hideout. Within a few centuries, Hutt Cartel's representatives, in wind-sheltered oases, founded small settlements that eventually evolved into prosperous black market trade centers, available only to the jet set of the underworld. Undisturbed in their criminal activities for decades, Hutts have ultimately missed out the moment when an unexpected threat emerged from the shadows.


At first it seemed a promise of countless profits, but in the end it turned out as a fall of their paradise. The first blow was inflicted shortly after the Sith Emperor has been taken down by Republic forces on Dromund Kaas. As far as Ziz knew, a member of a ferocious group of powerful Sith Lords serving under direct command of the Sith Emperor, discovered Darvannis during his Dread Masters' rouge campaign to take over the galaxy upon their leader's defeat. Corrupting from the shadows of Oasis City hordes of Cartel's arms dealers and mercenaries, he gathered around himself forces that were supposed to supply the army of Dread Followers on a remote moon of Oricon. Unfortunately, intensified criminal activity within the sector caught the attention of both, the Republic and Sith intelligence, leading to a military intervention of the two factions. Their forces stormed the oasis and cleared their path through Plateau Bazaar, to get to Styrak himself, hidden in his lair of shadows beneath the city. Not long after a successful campaign, forces of the Republic and the Sith left Darvannis, and Oasis City, despite being inhabited again, never returned to its previous splendor.


In the aftermath of those events and due to uncovering their secret base of operations, Hutts have turned their attention to other places in the galaxy, leaving Darvannis to their former serfs. Though smugglers and mercenaries have kept coming to the planet in search of small and big profits, the overall life within the oases, even if still harsh, was quite steady, and the locals couldn't complain of lack of credits. It was until* several years later, when the Eternal Empire from the Wild Space dispatched their armies, making Darvannis one of their first outposts during the galaxy-wide conquest. The planet became a host for the Skytrooper droid facility and the locals were either forced to leave their settlements or enslaved. Zakuul regime has left a bloody mark on them, and the remnants of once tough inhabitants scattered in fear across the wilds or went into hiding deep among the Sandstorm Dunes. But even with the overwhelming firepower and countless numbers of soldiers the Eternal Empire, as any other empire, couldn't last forever. While the Republic and the Sith have both kneeled before Zakuul, a third party appeared on the stage, growing in numbers day after day and causing more and more trouble to the invincible oppressor. The Eternal Alliance, as they had called themselves, together with Mandalorian clans, destroyed the droid factory during a fierce battle and eventually freed the planet from the long-lasting grip. In a long term they have also defeated once and for all the Eternal Empire, but those later events hardly affected Darvannis itself. With time exiles finally returned to their homes and life - to the old, familiar rhythm.*


"What exactly am I doing here?" Ziz murmured to herself quietly, putting a half drunken cup of long cooled down caff on the stone floor. Sitting atop the highest elevated, rounded cottage, she had a perfect view for the south entrance of the oasis.* While two small moons were slowly rising on a purple sky, rare lanterns started to light up the dark alleys down below.*


"That's an excellent question," - a single figure emerged from behind a rock gap. "From what I see you're wasting your time right now. Which, pretty much means, you're wasting Turpa's time as well. Not to mention his money."


"Hey Lo," girl greeted the newcomer, barely honoring him with a glimpse. "Did he send you?"


"No, luckily for you, he still hasn't noticed your prolonged absence. So, why don't you try not to irritate him too much this time, and just come back to work, huh? As far as I know credits still keep having this unkind habit of not falling from the sky, kiddo."


Oylo Uwenlya was one of a few Tonrya Oasis' residents Ziz could call a friend, since ten years ago, she got stuck on this damned space rock. He was always annoyingly calm, and at the beginning of their friendship, she frequently tried to cripple his restraint attitude. After several months she finally gave up, realizing the Mirialan would endure everything she had up her sleeve. Apparently he found her efforts funny and, in a delicate manner, retaliated sometimes, following squabbles are a way of life*motto, they both cherished.


"The Lunatics are gathering again," she changed the topic, pointing her head at the gate of the settlement.


Oylo walked to the edge of the roof, glancing in the same direction, "Seems like it's this time of a year, isn't it?"


"Ever wondered, where they always go?"


"Not much, and you shouldn't either," he turned his face and stared at the girl with his glowing, violet eyes. "No one, who tried to find it out, has ever returned from the desert."


"Boohoo!" Ziz shouted, expressing her disbelief. "Somebody really should check it out, 'cause they might be secretly plotting against us."


"Even if, you are not a proper person to do so," he reached out to help her up. "Let's get you back to cantina, before Turpa enrages."


"Fine," the girl accepted his help, resigned. "But still, I don't like the idea of them being left unattended."


Oylo rolled his eyes when she pushed a cup of caff into his hands, heading to the rooftop access ladder. He cast a last, fleeting glance toward the gate before following her steps.


Tonrya Oasis was a sleepy settlement, located at the northern ridge of Sandstorm Dunes. Hidden in winding canyon, apart for incompletely mapped maze of underground tunnels in its western part, it had two main gates, southern and eastern, that led inside. The architecture didn't stand out of anything special - as in any other oasis, most of the buildings were based on a sandstone, and those, nestled in the canyon walls, often had additional rooms and corridors hollowed out in the rock. Sunscreen sails, formerly multi-colored, but now faded from the scorching sun and constant winds, trembled slightly, moved by the night breeze. Most of the power, from a medium-sized generator, located in the central part of the complex, was directed to shields, which were to protect Tonrya's residents against the rage of the forces of nature. Apart a small bazaar and a cantina there was absolutely nothing interesting there, and Ziz often thought of this place as one of the most forgotten in the whole galaxy.


After a short walk in a relative silence, Ziz and Oyla finally stood at the cantina's entrance, when suddenly the girl resumed the topic.


"Who, actually, are they?" she asked.


"You already said - they are lunatics." Oylo replied.


"You know what I mean."*


"Well, you know the story as much as anyone here." he sighed. "A few years before your arrival there was this Dread Master's thing. Styrak came here and corrupted everyone in Oasis City. Folks gone totally crazy, mercenaries kept shooting at anyone who even tried to pass by the settlement. After the Pubs and the Sith have finally gotten rid of him and his pets, people, who settled in Oasis City again, with time became... a little bit too introverted."


Ziz raised her eyebrow, "Introverted?"


"Styrak pulled strings from the shadows, making Hutts summon the welathiest buyers and powerful arms dealers from the galaxy in quite short time. The business has been as prosperous as never, so not only the Oasis City, but also neighbouring settlements enriched themselves rapidly. All of that collapsed the moment Styrak and his minions were defeated. Hutts lost interest in Darvannis and the source of abundance dried out quite fast."


"And later the Eternal Empire reinforced progressive stagnation." Ziz nodded with understanding.


"Exactly." Oylo smiled disgusted. "People started to distort memories, believing that Styrak's purpose was to bring development to this planet. Some even lifted their beliefs up, to the point, where started praising him as some kind of deity, hoping for his forthcoming return. Oasis City became a center for his cultists, who eventually spread across the globe. Each year, around the date of Styrak's death, in loving memory of their fallen leader, all the cultist gather somewhere among the sands.


"And nobody knows what they're doing out there."


"They are not particularly harmful," Olyo countered, when dwarfish Rodian run out of the cantina with fury painted on his face.


"You little bantha poo!" he yelled aggressively.


"Charming as always," Ziz smiled nonchalantly. "I was just havin a break."


"You think you can do whatever you want to?" Turpa's face was reddening with anger. "I am the boss here, and you do as I say! I don't remember giving you a permission to go on a break."


"Don't dramatize, Turpa," Ziz raised her hands in a protest.


"Don't*don't dramatize*me here!" Rodian squeaked. "I am sick and tired of your incompetence. I'm cutting half your today's salary!


"You can't do that!" Ziz cried in a stupefaction. "Can he?" she turned to Oylo, who apparently tried to retreat in silence, while the other two were fighting each other.


"Don't involve me, I warned you." Oylo winked and hid inside the cantina.


"Now, get back to work, before I lose my temper. Your shift's not over yet!"


"Your shift's not over yet," Ziz mumbled, turning slightly her head away.


"You were sayin...?" he asked, glaring at her.


Ziz just shook her head with resignation and entered the cantina. Heading toward the bar, she noticed Oylo engaged in a silent conversation with a* potential customer at the far table, in a corner of the room. When he spotted her, she summoned the prettiest smile on her face and nodded at him with feigned respect. He just smiled back, amused.


"And I am sick and tired of you, you little nerf herder," Ziz reviled, going behind the bar. She looked at the room - there was only one man sitting near her, at the counter, and just a few more customers, human and non-human, scattered at the tables.


"And what's the big deal," she sighed to herself and walked to the lone patron.


"Welcome to the Turpa's Cantina! How may I be of service?" she asked.


The man turned his face toward her and blinked several times, "One tarisian ale, honey!"


"Here you are," she put a bottle in front of him, trying to pretend not noticing Turpa's going to the office at the back of the cantina. She bustled around behind the bar for some time, until Kinra entered the room.*


"Finally", Ziz greeted him happily.


"Hey, hey, hey!" Kinra hugged her.


"I have to leave for a moment, so please, take care of the place for a while. The guy at the counter hasn't paid yet, so watch out for him. See ya later!"


"Sure, no problem," he replied, replacing her behind the bar. "Turpa's in?"


"He's in his office." Ziz waved at Kinra, heading to the exit.


Oylo noticed her on her way out and looked at the girl doubtfully.


"What? He cut half my today's payment" Ziz lamented soundlessly. "My shift's over!" she shrugged.


He stared at her for a while, after which he just rolled his eyes in a disapproval and leaned forward his interlocutor, leaving her be.


Ziz ran out of the cantina into a chilly night, "Let's find out what you're up to!" she thought and headed to the south gate.


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Not a bad story for starting out. As you say though, English is not your first language, so I would suggest running it through a spell-check and grammar check before posting.


Thank you for taking your time to read it, I really appreciate it. Regarding the spell-check and grammar - I don't know why I haven't thought of that myself. :confused: I just ran through the text once again with few online spellcheckers and corrected all the errors I have detected. Thanks, again!

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