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Flashpoint breaking bug in Objective Meridian: Other bugs exactly like this not fixed


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In Master Mode Objective Meridian, I accidentally clicked the data console which transfers me to fleet after I beat Malgus, without clicking on the "mission end" console or loot at the ending. IT IMMEDIATELY TRANSFERRED ME TO FLEET WITHOUT ASKING IF THAT WAS WHAT I WANTED TO DO.


Why am I bringing this up in a non-bug forum? Because this exact same thing happened to me in the Foundry last week, and hasn't been fixed.


I was doing this, because another member of our group got knocked off the edge during the fight, and we finished without them, and they got transferred to the VERY BEGINNING OF THE FLASHPOINT. And they ran, all the way, to the Malgus platform, except it was locked out by the door, so they couldn't get in.


I also ran ALL THE WAY through the flashpoint to the malgus platform and was locked out. Therefore, Basically, i was screwed out of objective meridian finishing, the tech fragments and mission completion, and was unable to loot, because it wouldn't respawn dead toons or toons loading back in into the location where they could actually loot.


Please fix this by respawning dead toons in the location where they loot and finish the mission. This is an incredibly basic fix for a bug that's been around for a while and killing the desire to play this game.

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