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New Jedi Set! All Other Class Archetypes Have Seen One Recently


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With the release of Onslaught, we've seen 2 distinctly Sith armor sets (Reconstructed Apprentice, can't recall the name of the other right now), a new smuggler set (assuming this took inspiration from Lando), two trooper sets (Arctic Trooper and the Holo Trooper armor), a bounty hunter set (Bionic Raider), and an agent set, though this was very basic (I can't recall the name of this one either, but it came out alongside a bundle with a walker as well as the Obsidian Squad flair).


Even though there's currently a new Star Wars movie out with Jedi (Rey and Luke), we haven't seen any Jedi sets since the release of Onslaught or over the holidays.


Please release something for Republic/Jedi players too. I get Sith gear (and right now bounty hunter/Mando armor especially) is more popular, but we should at least see Jedi armors when major Star Wars films are released, right? Even if the original trilogy is far and away the best, there's still an uptick in fan interest and probably people that come back to the game with the release of The Rise of Skywalker.


In short, please release a new armor set for Jedi that is as well-designed as all the other things we've seen of late. Whoever is working on them is doing a great job.


A slightly re-worked Old Republic version of what Luke is seen wearing at the end of The Last Jedi when "confronting" Kylo would be welcome by pretty much any player that has a Jedi character and CCs/credits to spend.

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