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(Suggestion) Animated character face portraits on GUI

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Just like in world of warcraft, I love to get animated character face portraits on interface, I do not know is it hard to do? this type of thing are still possible to develop in swtor? I mean I know they lack of manpower thanks to dumpster fire named "Anthem" but perhaps they still can do such thing? Our toon's faces on character portrait but in a animated way, like she/he smiles or tiny little face animations mouth hair eye lips etc, I'd love to see this in swtor, do you agree to get such thing? or do you prefer stay as 2d standard portrait?


or at least give someone permission to create an addon for everyone to download, I know third party and addons are not allowed in this game but many other MMOs do allow them so perhaps....by the way world of warcraft does not do animated face portraits by default as far as I know, there is a nice addon to do that,


Imagine your space barbie or red skin sith is animated right on your GUI, that would be fantastic in my opinion,

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