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*must read* Dark side republic and Light side imperial idea


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I think one thing this game has always lacked was the ability for dark side pub to actually go to the imperial, and the light side imps to go to the republic. I believe that i have found a more manageable way to implement this without changing the original (and amazing) story that each class has to offer.


At or after level 50 once you complete the original class quests, your light and darkness meter will determine a quest that will appear on your personal ship. think of the quest like this....you play a dark jedi, you are reached out to via holo by a sith lord that has noticed your actions towards the dark side and wishes to speak to you, you agree to meet him and after a brief discussion about you being a terrible jedi he offers for you to join the imperial side as a sith . (this can obviously be slightly different for every class, but the devs would only need to make two quests per class ....1 light and 1 dark) . you are promised equal ship space, new companions who share your dark passion (to make up for your ship and companions changing) when you switch sides your new companions will now offer their original 1-50 companion quests all at once like you just never bothered to do them to ensure you can still create relationships where applicable.

lets say you are a light scoundrel....you are already on the pub side right? this quest is still available to you but instead of offering a faction change you are simply rewarded with some sort of special title declaring your absolute faith to your faction, and an increase in your sides light and darkness meter or something.


----------ALTERNATIVELY (because i know that offering one option on an idea is terrible)------

We could do the above but instead of all the weird companion changes and stuff, you just turn to the class equal in the opposite faction. Your spec, and companions are all the same, yet your fleet changes, your titles change, your faction hostilities all change to that of the opposite faction. so for instance...you're a jedi knight, you just turn into a sith warrior, but keep your companions and ship and all that, you just move factions. and are awarded (in this case) the darth title.



I think as far as lore in the game is concerned this is a very important feature that i think a lot of people would enjoy for character development.

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