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Returning class questions


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Founder here, been gone over a year this time. l will probably start a new toon just to play through the story so I can re immerse myself into the world. I'm looking between a Jugg and a BH. I know my main role will be tanking. I understand how both classes work for the most part when it comes to tanking unless there have been big changes I dont' know about. So as long as both these classes can tank all content I'm not worried about which tanks better.


I have never played either of these classes as DPS or PvP. Between these two classes, which do you prefer in these scenarios and why? Not worried about OP'ness, more what you think is fun and why.


Last question, I had read some people felt like Force-less classes felt a little wierd when playing through the current storyline. Is that still the case?


Glad to be playing again, good to be back. See you in game :D

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