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Question on Chair/Thrones for Strongholds


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As the title says I got a question on any Chairs or Thrones for the Personal Stronghold. I don't remember where I saw it or read it but I could of sworn that their was either a specific Chair or Throne that allowed you to sit on it with out looking like your sitting on the floor when you hit "X" (my default key for sit). can someone explain what I am missing and point me to the one I looking for if one even exists?


thank you for any help :)

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There are "chair" emotes that sit you on some sort of chair, but usually they *also* summon the appearance of the chair. That said, one of them summons a nearly-invisible shortish stool so that if you place yourself carefully, you will look like you are sitting on the decoration chair.


There are also some chairs in non-stronghold contexts (above all the bridge of your class ship) that can be right-clicked on and you will sit down on them, but it's often hit and miss how it looks, especially if you have a bulky back-carry weapon (Commandos, I'm looking at you!).


As for sittable decoration chairs, I'm inclined to say that there aren't any, but that's not a definitive answer. Certainly none of the ones I tried (Basic Metal Chair, Basic Metal Couch, Cantina Loveseat, Cantina Stools (Basic), Temple Chair (Basic), Luxury High Back Chair, Alderaanian Throne, Executive's Couch, Austere City Bench, Zakuulan Socialite Couch)(1) were sittable.


(1) I'm not really a dedicated decorator, but I collect stuff like crazy.

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ok well maybe I will find something. I know the Throne of the Sith Emperor and the Dark Eternal Throne both don't let you sit on them so. that leaves only the throne from the Dread Masters as not tested.


also out of curiosity do you happen to know the name of the emote that summons the "stole" you spoke of? it will save me time in searching

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To add on to what Steve already said. Toggle your run/walk. This will make it easier to position your character. Also, position your camera so you are looking directly down at your character from overhead. Now tap your directional keys to position your character in the front center, with your character's back to the chair, of the chair deco you want to sit on and slowly move backwards until your character steps up onto the chair. Now tap forward so your character steps off the chair. Type /chair to make your character sit down. As Steve stated, chair emote commands do summon chairs that your character sits in and /chair is no exception, but the translucent stool that is summoned generally is completely concealed within the chair deco you're trying to sit on (sometimes a very small sliver with protrude depending on the height of the deco). The /chair command has a number of posses for your character to use, such as reclining or leg crossed with elbow on knee doing the thinking man, and you have no control over which is used. If the sitting pose isn't what you want just tap forward to end the emote then reposition and try again.
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There are a lot of specific Chair emotes that summon chairs for you to sit at.


For some reason, there is /Chair1, /Chair2, all the way up to /Chair10 but no 7 or 8.


There is also /Recline and /Dejarik.

One of the /Chair# emotes matches Dejarik, so two people can sit at the table with proper chairs.


Chair1 - Basic Republic chair, sitting.

Chair2 - Basic Republic chair, leaning forward.

Chair3 - High back padded chair, cross-legged thinking.

Chair4 - High back padded chair, leaning back.

Chair5 - Basic Republic chair, sitting with arm over back.

Chair6 - Jedi temple chair, sitting.

Chair9 - Zakuulan chair, sitting.

Chair10 - Zakuulan chair, reclining with hands behind head.

Dejarik - Basic Republic chair, matches /Chair1, 2, or 5.

Recline - Unique green chair, reclining with hands behind head.

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