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Crew skill UI with many companions(KOTFE+KOTET+Alerts) has become very laggy


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Am I alone in this? is there a fix?

The only thing I've noticed is that regardless of the number of companions etc. that you have, crafting skills are very slow to respond when changing between different companions *if* you have expanded "long" categories. The two armour-making ones are probably the worst, because the "Adaptive Armor" category (for trainer and RE schematics, not the other one for Veda Cloth schematics) contains a *lot* of schematics (seven pieces per set times two sets times two colours times ten tiers...). The workaround there is to close the categories you're not using, and even to close the category you want to use but is the longest, switch companions, then open up again.


My best guess is that it's doing something stupid like saying, "I will calculate this companion's time to craft this schematic by querying the server for information about the companion and some more information about the companion and then some information about the schematic and then some information about buffs that are active for crafting and then I will calculate it," for every single schematic in the expanded lists, rather than calculating the static information (X in "multiply the base time for each schematic by X") once because X is the same for all schematics for *that* companion.


It first started being laggy like *that* when 4.0 was released. (Or maybe I didn't notice it before, dunno.)

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Been playing alts instead of my mains and it's amazing how much smoother the UI is/less buggy the crafting UI is/how much better the overall experience is.


Should I make a thread under bug report? Because I'm pretty sure this is causing some serious issues.

Just a way to temporarily remove companions I have no interest in would be nice. I don't use most of them and I have so many…

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