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Stable 4 person group crew skills


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I'll be running in a stable 4 person group with probably new characters. I'm not currently interested in crafting, so thinking of just taking gathering and mission skills.

It's still the case that only one person can harvest a node, slice a box or Droid, or harvest a body right? So the best thing is to only have these skills taken once (bioanalysis, spring, whatever), right?

And have the other characters/slots filled with mission skills.

Are any of the mission skills better than the others in terms of demand or profit or some class feature?

Comments appreciated.



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Slicing is good because at 600+, all actual items that crafters can craft require Grade 11 Slicing materials.


Treasure Hunting is good because the lockboxes can drop gear. If you have TH 600+, you can get rating legacy bound 270-278 gear from Grade 10 and Grade 11 lockboxes.


Otherwise, try to get full coverage between you and your team-mates. Careful use of Diplomacy can accelerate your alignment progress (put the mouse cursor over the alignment symbol and make sure to only pick the ones that show X and 0 or 0 and X in the tool tip (rather than X and Y, meaning you get both kinds of alignment points)).

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maxing alignment is like maxing social points, it allows some equipment to be used that otherwise can't be.


it used to affect command, but since RXP packs are auto consumed (and RXP crates are 99.99% trash) it really doesn't matter for that anymore.


as for profitable skills on their own....

  • any or all three gather skills (if in a group that waits for people to hravest, maybe not so much, bu solo, verry pprofitable to sell mats)
  • Slicing (both mission discoveries and slicing mats are very profitable)
  • Underworld Trading (it's basically 2 materials categories in one, and use by 3 crafts)


I do not recommend treasure hunting, especially not for gear, since it's garbage gear that you will quickly outgrow, and not worth much when deconstructing... it does generate a fair amount of jawa scrap, and a small amount of TF, but that's not enough to make it worthwhile IMO.

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Can you explain what is the reason to accelerate you alignment progress?

As noted, there are some items you can only use at or above specific alignment ranks(1), and there are also titles for being at least as light as Light X, or at least as dark as Dark X. If you want to be able to be Charactername the Pure, for example, you must be Light V (and you must *stay* Light V). Accelerating your alignment progress allows you to get that sooner than if you don't.


There are some specific story things that are alignment dependent, all spoilerish.


* Sith Inquisitors gain one of three Darth names at the end of the base class story, depending on their alignment at that point: Darth Nox (Dark I+), Darth Imperius (Light I+) and Darth Occlus (in between / neutral).

* Imperial Agents will get different feedback from Keeper at the end of Hutta depending on if they are light/dark/neutral.

* Early in Khem Val's story, there's a conversation that (I believe) depends on your alignment.

* At the end of the Consular story, Dark consulars aren't offered a place on the Jedi Council.

* At the end of the Knight story, Satele Shan is snarkish and sniffy at you if you are Dark, and in the pre-release betas, you weren't eligible for the "Master" title.

* The evolution of the Sith Warrior story shifts slightly in some places - especially Tatooine - if you are Light compared to if you are Dark.



Apart from those considerations, there is *no* reason to worry about alignment at all.


(1) Each Fleet has two vendors for Requires-Light gear and two for Requires-Dark gear, but Requires-Alignment gear (primarily below-max relics) still drops on a very rare chance from random foes you kill. Most of it isn't worth worrying about, but it does exist.

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Can you craft Light or Dark equipment?

I'm currently thinking of 4 scoundrels, so armstech and armortech are possibilities. Given four of the same class it might be worth it. BUT from what I hear crafting is kind of pointless given the requirements, and amount of materials.

I will NEVER raid. I get on and play for an hour or two once in a while, so I'll rely on quest gear or craft my own if its not ridiculously hard or require raiding to make what I need.

Or maybe just buy gear from the crafters who put in the effort.



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