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Ranged Non Force Using Class Advice


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Hey all,


I'm returning to the game after years away and could use a little advice. I'm looking to play a ranged non-force user. The obvious options are:


- Gunslinger

- Commando

- Mercenary

- Sniper


I'm not a huge fan of the sort of military-bro style storyline, so I'm thinking that Commando may not be for me (please correct me if I'm wrong).


The other issue I have is that I suffer from some slight visual impairment. The biggest issue is that I have some issues with procs unless it's super obvious. Basically, the flashier things are for me, the better.


Of those options, would anyone have any advice as to what would have the fewest procs, and with the procs they do have might be the easiest for me to see?



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