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Can not complete a mission


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Hi I have been trying to complete the zakuul walker Wrath And Ruin on Voss.

I would not worry if it was a just a general quest.

However I can not progress in the main story until It is done.


I have spend at least 45 minutes to an hour trying different methods.

I have watched you tube videos and read forum posts on it.


I have logged a ticket in hopes they can complete it manually.

If I can not progress I will unsubscribe there is no point paying for a game that I can not progress with or if my ticket never gets answered.

I have heard from other players that tickets are left open for months at a time.

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Thanks for your response.


I am glad I am not the only one.

However because it is the main part of my story I can not skip it.


This is my main character and I am trying to complete all the stories before I work on end game content and gearing.


I have sent a ticket and will try and call them. Just hope they can push me forward.

I am sure I have done it previously on another character.

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