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Any possibility for a new additional subscription model?


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At current, we are only faced with the choice of either be a sub or quit sub and drop to preferred status.


Is there a possibility of a new additional sub model to cater to those players who have change of real life commitment and not able to play as frequently. To remain sub and not able to play frequently would be a waste of money and the logical choice would be to quit sub and dropped to preferred status (which is actually not the preferred option for many of us faced with little time to play. We still want to remain sub if only it is more friendly to infrequent player.)


I was thinking along the line of charge by time played model. We still be paying $15 for a sub but now instead of calendar time countdown, it will instead countdown based on time played. Or a countdown method based on a combination of calendar time and time played (For example, even if you don't play for that entire day, the sub expire 12 hours off per day as compared to expiring 24 hours off per day for current traditional sub model. IF we play, then it is hour played plus default 12 hours expired off per day under this infrequent-player-friendly model.). In other words, even if we don't totally play at all, this sub will expire in 2 months instead of 1 month for current sub model. If we play, then our sub time will be deducted according to how much we play. The expiry time will be somewhere between 1 and 2 months depending on how much we play. This way, our sub fee is stretched further to give better value for money for infrequently play.


To make sure that the current traditional sub model are not cannibalized, I don't mind paying $20 per month for the choice of an infrequent-player-friendly model, $5 extra more than current traditional sub model so that active player who have plenty of time to play will still choose the traditional sub model.


I believe it serves BW interest better if more of us can still remain sub than be 'forced' to drop to preferred status. This will retain BW market share and more easily get these players back on regular sub in future (due to new content or them having more time on hand to play) since in theory, these players never left sub but has been on sub which is more friendly to these infrequent players.

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I believe it serves BW interest better if more of us can still remain sub than be 'forced' to drop to preferred status.

I think your price numbers are unsound(1), but the main problem is this word "forced" in the above sentence. Even though it's in "I didn't really mean forced but said it anyway" quotes, it really is the wrong word. The choice about whether to subscribe or not is really just that, a choice.


Think of it this way. If I play for just two hours on only one day a month, that's better value than going to the cinema for those two hours. (Exception: if the cinema visit is part of a dating-my-girlfriend sequence, playing the game is of no value, but ...)


(1) At 12+N hours-played charged per calendar day (N=hours played), versus $15 per flat-month, a player has to play at least an average of six hours per day for $20 per flexi-month to be worse value.

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