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The number of buggs ruining gameplay reached the limit.Devs we need answer


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Today my friend was queueing regs and left the fight because his ability bar turned into this - https://gyazo.com/2596ff97a413f893a104dcd45ca77028


haha, now we have new bugg which recks ability bar until you log out from the game...ranked will become more garbage thanks


LoL, sorry I can only laugh now.

The total amount of stupid bugs that keep happening in pvp are beyond a joke, I can’t even get enraged anymore, it’s either cry or laugh hysterically like Harley Quinn and baseball bat the game. I’ve seen games in Alpha and beta stages with less bugs than this one.

What I wouldn’t give for Bioware to release the 3.3 version of the game on 1 US and 1 EU server. I wonder how many pvpers would move to those servers?

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this are all the bug's that are still not been fix and there also coming from story line in the expension.






i like to see if a developer can give us on this thread a answer why the bugs on this 3 threads are still not been fix since 1 off then has been report all since 2016 a other has been report all since 2019 and the last one from this year.

and a answer from the developers about it is need why we hear notting about it.

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