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Starting an alt - skipping chapters


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Some skips are just out-of-order experience of the story. (Notably Ilum, Makeb, Oricon and the Revan/Emperor series)


Others affect the story:


If you skip to the beginning of KotFE (requires level 60+), your character will be locked out of any remaining not-complete parts of:

* Class story (begins on starter world, ends as you get ready to go to Ilum)

* Class companion conversation and minimission stories

* Class companion romances

* The Prelude to Revan / Forged Alliances story that links the Tython, Korriban, Manaan and Rakata Prime flashpoints

* Shadow of Revan (Rishi, Rishi and Yavin)

* Rise of the Emperor (Ziost)


If you akip to the beginning of Jedi Under Siege (Ossus) (requires level 70+), your character will be locked out of the above *and*:

* "First play" story choices in KotFE and KotET (but see below for what happens) although you can replay chapters just like you can if you play through the stories without skipping.

* The War on Iokath post-KotET story *and* the "Traitor Arc" that follows it, up to the very beginning of Inflection Point.


So, what happens to choices in the stories that are skipped and locked out?

* Jaesa is dark if you don't complete her companion story as light

* Impsiders in general do dark things and choose a Mandalorian in KotET Chapter VIII.

* Pubsiders in general do light things and choose a Twi'lek in that chapter.

* No romances are kept, resumed or started with main-story characters.

* Sith Warriors choose a Twi'lek.

* Imperial Agents let a pushy droid merge with a planet, which is otherwise a light thing to do.

* Inquisitors who skip so that they don't manually complete the class story will do dark things but they will be Darth Imperius.

* Kaliyo, Aric and Theron survive the skipped stories even though it's light for that to happen.

* For characters who skip forward and by whatever means preserve Arcann do not romance him but do get the reward for the Alliance Alert where they turned him down.


The following romanceable class companions return in alerts, so they can be romanced on their return (ones marked with (*) can only be return-romanced if you manually completed their class compansion story romance):

* Andronikos(*)

* Ashara(*)

* Doc(*) (the alert is after Ossus, but you have to have romanced him before)

* Dark Jaesa (*) (for male Warriors), and romanceable for female Warriors (after Ossus)

* Light Jaesa (romanceable in the return alert after Ossus by male or female Warriors)

* Mako(*)

* Akaavi Spar(*)

* Risha(*)

* Corso(*)

* Khem Val (after Ossus, male/female)

* Kira Carsen(*), romanceable after return by female Knights

* Lord Scourge (I'm short on details)

* Felix Iresso(*)

* Nadia Grell, (*) for male Consulars, romanceable on return after Ossus by females.

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If I start an Alt, can I skip chapters/expansions without any problem, or am I going to miss something (besides the story, of course)?

Short answer: No.


Skipping parts of the game only affects the "story" and "romances" as outlined above by StC. It has no affect on the actual gameplay, as in locking you out of content, or whatever. That is, you could, for example, end up locked out of the "story" in certain places, but you can still go to those places and do any non-story content, such as Flashpoints, dailies, etc.

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