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Happy 8-Year Anniversary from Star Wars: The Old Republic


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Hello everyone!


Today marks our 8-year anniversary! To celebrate, members of the BioWare and Lucasfilm teams share their memories from 8 years of STAR WARS: The Old Republic.


Happy 8th, BioWare & SWTOR community. /tiphat


I've been here since early BETA... and i'm looking forward to 8 more! :eek:

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Happy anniversary!


Eight years... It is said easy but in reality there is a lot of water that has passed under that bridge in that time. I have been playing since 2012, almost uninterruptedly, and I should be grateful that this game has become part of my daily routine. It serves me as entertainment and at the same time as therapy to deal with the problems that life brings. And I've met good people that I can call friends.

I hope with all my heart that those eight years are doubled, and to continue living the experience of being immersed in the universe of SW: TOR.

Thank you so much for everything!

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Ah ya lazy bums go get real jobs..


Ya knowl. proper jobs where ya hate yer boss, hate what ya do, your over worked, underpaid, not appreciated, make substandard products and see customers grossly over charged for them, ignore your customers, and give crap service.


On second thought stay where ya are.

We want more expansions! More stories, More epic, and have at least a few centuries of story yet to tell.




oh and yea, not to shabby for an 8 year old!


Happy Birthday SWTOR

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Congratulations BioWare Austin on reaching the 8 years milestone for Star Wars The Old Republic! May the Force be with you all as the saga continues. Have to say it feels strange to see comments from Lucasfilm Games folks instead of LucasArts people but a lot has changed since SWTOR launched and that is how things are now.
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I've been here since the beginning, and definitely have more good memories than bad. Happy anniversary swtor!


Me too!!! Yee-Ha...Happy 8th Life Day, SWTOR :D

I've been here, since the beta sign up. I was so excited to be part of

the beta team. I'm still here, and always will be.



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Been playing since Launch. Was glad to finally have a game which respected the original Star Wars EU lore and focused first and foremost on story. Most memorable moment was probably finally defeating the Emperor with my Jedi knight or killing World Bosses with friends! #StarWarsLegends :D
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Some great game moments in 8 years...

4. Getting knocked off the mountain by the giant Wampa on Hoth around lvl 40.

3. Crafting my first lightsaber.

2. Deactivating the poison gas on the HK-51 quest at the actual last second.

1. The gathering of mourners on Alderaan when Carrie died.

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Happy 8 year anniversary! I'm glad to have found this game seven years ago.


Here's to at least another 8 years of lightsaber swinging, blaster pistol slinging, flying around the galaxy, fun.


Thank you for making previous anniversary gifts to players available again, and for the personal starship displays that are new this year. Those personal starship displays are wonderful.


Enjoy your holiday, and Happy New Year!

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Joined in Jan/Feb 2014 and have been here since.


Great memories of my old guild (now disbanded) running 16m OPS on Friday nights, would be something I looked forward to all week because they were so much fun and chaotic at times.


Other fond memories,

- Completing my first level 50 character and vanilla story on a JC and spending days wondering which story to do next!

- Doing the The Esseles FP for the first time, no one rushing, no one demanding [spacebar] just all of us having a great time exploring everything, took over an hour but was a lot of fun.

- Completing my first SM/HM/VM Op.

And so many more.


Anyone else still have their very first character they ever created? I deleted my original JC about 2 years ago as I was making room for new alts and hadn't played her in years, completely regret it now, I don't even remember her name. :( Got my second character ever though still, a IA, but not the same as that very first one.

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