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server issues?


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I started to lag a few days ago. It escalated fast, yesterday I recorded a funny WZ where I had 15 sec lag spikes constantly (of course I will not upload it to YouTube, since we will get some bonus days to our sub time to compensate this matter, so in return it would be rude to upload an unplayable stage)

Now I cannot even log in.

I was asking around in game yesterday, that how many of us has this crazy lag and it turned out that it's not on my side, a lot having the same issue - Well, it's not laggy, it's unplayable.


If I open the dev tracker forum section, I can see well that some new cartel market items arrived, that makes me super exited, but unfortunately, I could not find a single word about the above-mentioned issue.


How many of you are facing with such lag? Is it pin related? Is the server under ddos attack?

I'm writing here since I do not want to face such an issue till my holyday gaming time, if it's not something that is priority to solve, or it will be not solved in the next days, I rather be patient, make a pause due to SWTOR and play something else till these lag issues exists.


in before its hardware related:

Ryzen 2700x, Asus Crosshair Hero VII, 32 gig RAM at 3200, RTX 2070

Net connection: 500Mb/sec

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