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LIGHTING BUG in the NEW (PTS) Alderaan Stronghold


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Inside the main hall of the new (PTS version) Alderaan Stronghold, which was opened up to the public / PTS players on this past Monday...


The main hall's STAINED GLASS is BUGGED. When you place rugs or floor decos over top of the shined-down image from the stained glass? THE RUGS COVER THE LIGHT IMAGES INSTEAD of the LIGHT IMAGES COVERING the RUGS and floor decos as IT SHOULD be, in "reality".... VERY FLAWED with the image the stained glass casts down on the floor if you can cover that image with a silly rug and THEN the lighted image from the stained glass, NO longer shows ON TOP of whatever you set down there.


This is a bug!! -- and i hope it was not foreseen?

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