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Why is Sweeping Gunfire so insanely overpowered?


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It's the sharpshooter's most powerful attack according to the tooltip. Then you add the following:

- No cooldown

- Less waiting involved than "casted" abilities like Aimed Shot

- AoE

- Cost isn't really that high

- As mentioned, the most damage of any attack


I feel like I'm wasting my time with my Charged Shots x2 -> Aimed Shot combo.

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Yes the damage is completely BS compared to anything else from anyone else.


Been like that I think since 3.0 or whenever Flyby was nerfed, massive buff into Sweeping Gunfire.


With a quick peek into a MM fp to get 3 scaled number checks on the spammable ranged AOEs....


Sweeping Gunfire +25% on Sharpshooter: 14961 damage over 3GCD = 4987 per GCD

Forcequake +25% on Telekinetics: 7476 damage over 2GCD = 3738 per GCD

Hail of Bolts +25% on Gunnery: 5864 damage over 2CGD = 2932 per GCD


Lets throw in Commandos MV to see if a 45s CD AOE channel can beat out a spammable AOE channel


Mortar Volley: 9464 over 2GCD = 4732 per GCD




It's worse than it looks, all the 3 spammable AOEs in those specs get a 15% critical and 30% critical damage boost. MV doesn't get that.


Worth mentioning the area each of these AOEs cover, top two cover a 16m circle and bottom two are a 10m circle, the 16m circle covers 2.5x the area of the 10m one and easily covers any mob pack you'll find. 10m can usually cover most of a pack.


So with the absurd damage, massive area and 4.5s between needing to press the button again it is perfect for one button levelling with no real need to use any other skill. It is not how you get the best single target damage but it does freaky single target damage for an AOE. Literally better than Mortar Volley but with no CD :p


Obviously that's bad gameplay and not good practice for any proper content but it starts off with bad game design to reward players so much for doing so little by using Sweeping Blasters.

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yeah... but


No but.


It is about the same energy drain per GCD as commandos hail of bolts and you get about the same duration of energy suicide spam out of a bar.


The area difference makes it easier to use and it also gets 70% more damage over Hail of Bolts because ???

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it isnt overpowered... otherwise dirty fighting would be overpowered too... dot dot sweeping gunfire... you can spam it as long as you want...


telekinetics would be overpowered.... hardcast telekinetic wave - forcequauke for one gcd - telekinetic wave....


balance sage would be overpowered... dot dot force in balance forcequake....


a lot of classes have insane aoe potential....


only the burst mando is f***ed when it comes down to sustained aoe dmg....


and sweeping gunfire isnt the strongest attck of a gunsilnger as you have to divide it by 4.5 to have the DpS it does...

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