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C2 N2 companion not appering on my ship


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i went out my way to pay for extra companions from the store jost to fill up my ship and thea are not there i was planing to buy them all but if thea are not seen on my ship i wont buy anymore can someone tell me if this is a bug or not this is the way i play the game and enjoy haveing all my companions on the ship to be seen and lookd at makes me feel happy ,^^ sorry made misatke with the driod name..D-R3D Edited by slayerbaby
made mistake naming droid
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Only the following companions appear in your ship:

* Class companions (e.g. Aric Jorgan, Elara Dorne, M1-4X, Sgt Yuun and Tanno Vik for Troopers)

* Your faction's "ship droid" = C2-N2 for Pubside characters, 2V-R8 for Impside characters

* Treek

* HK-51 (That's Fifty One, not Fifty Five, just to be clear. The one you get by doing the long mission chain that starts in Section X.)

* Lana Beniko (always on the bridge)

* Theron Shan (always on the bridge)

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