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QoL Legacy Droid Idea & Passive Movement ability idea


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I had two ideas and I sent in a ticket for one of them, and received a response back from a GM who said they liked my idea and thought that I should post it in this forum, and I had another idea since then, so here we go.


First- With all the legacy droid summoning abilities (Bank, legacy bank, mailbox, etc), I think it would be super neat if you could summon a droid that was a portable GTN- which would pair well with the mailbox droid- that way, if people were, say, in the middle of a prog ops, and someone ran out of adrenals, or needed an augment for a new piece of gear, you could just summon a GTN and mailbox droid and presto! Everyone's ready to go again, instead of waiting for someone to zone into fleet, get what they need, and then zone back into the ops.


Plus, a summoned droid that serves as a vendor for Unassembled tokens and Tech Fragments, so if you are in the same situation and you get new gear or are about to max out your tech fragments, you could get your upgrade then and there.



My second idea has to do with movement, and the new abilities unlocked at level 72. While the new abilities are pretty cool, though some kind of need a little work (Like volt rush- bleurgh), I think that players would be really impressed and happy if, at level 72, you unlocked a passive ability that modified your jump.


I'm talking 3 dimensional movement here. Swtor has been a feet-on-the-ground game for a really long time. Even World of Warcraft introduced flying mounts in 2.0- The Burning Crusade. Flying mounts, I understand, may break some game zones, or require a lot of work putting in invisible walls, and would of course, render any challenge getting Datacrons to be pointless.


But an ability that modifies your jump would be perfect, I think! Here a few examples of what I mean.


Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior: Force Jump, which allows the player to perform a second jump while in midair simply by pressing the jump button twice. Like Cal Kestis!


Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor: Force Drift, which, when activated, allows you to 'walk on air' without falling for about 3 seconds.


Trooper / Bounty Hunter: Rocket Pack. Allows 3 dimensional movement (like a WoW flying mount) for 3 seconds, at running speed- unmodified by sprint or other movement speed buffs.


Smuggler / Imperial Agent: Wallrun. Run up, or along a wall for 1.5 seconds, allowing smugglers/agents to clear small obstacles that other players won't be able to jump over, giving them an advantage in escaping from certain death.



These are just some ideas, that would probably require lots of tweaking and modifying to successfully implement while retaining class balances in pvp, but I think that something like this would really WOW the playerbase. Plus, it would slightly ease the difficulty in finding and getting to old world datacrons, which would help out new players. I personally have been around since before a time when if you wanted to prog, you had to go and get ALL the datacrons, on JUST that character, so I understand the challenge in it- if Bioware wants to keep that challenge, perhaps datacron areas can be blanketed with a zone area of effect that disables the passive movement abilities.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really hope that someone in the Dev Team sees this.

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