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Alderaan Stronghold Placeholder on Fleet


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I'm hoping it's suitable for building a varactyl (or other creature mount) ranch/stable on :D


And I'm still waiting for an Odessen SH...


soooo maybe a chalet … with a nice stable attached ??




It's been so long since I've messed with a "new one"... do we get to review before purchase ??


I'm not looking for another Tatooine .. or a ranch setting (sorry ) …


Time will tell. If needed I will just have to keep waiting.


Patience !

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If you look at the placeholder image on Fleet it shows a good size castle with a big front area. It looks to have two areas to the sides. Hopefully they showcase it on Monday.


Yeah... someone said in another thread that it was huge !




we'll just have to wait and see

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Link = 403 Forbidden


At least for me here in France.


Just replace "preview" with "i"




As for the stronghold. I gave up a bunch of duplicate strongholds from the server merges, Manaan and Umbara to get Rishi. Not going to get another SH unless they increase the max number of SHs you can own.

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so i watched the Livestream today (12-16-2019) and ... well ??


i already just said this on a Subreddit thread and i NEED to say it again:


It was very nice to finally see the full display of the new Alderaan Stronghold (i have wanted that for YEARS!!!!) but i am sad that they did not give anything else away. i would really have loved to know what they are thinking of doing during the next TWO years....


but A NEW GRAPHICS ENGINE (VULKAN or at least DX12???) with a new 64-bit LOW CPU LATENCY NON-FORKED client would be *********** NICE!!!!!!


and all that delay at the end when Keith finally came on stream was for NOTHING.... sigh

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Check out the tour here... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/522410961


We should get the Alderaan stronghold in February with update 6.1.

They said they put in as many hooks as they could without risking serious issues.

You can explore the Alderaan SH on PTS for a couple of days starting 12/17. (DO NOT unlock with Cartel Coins.)

They want feedback on hook locations and such, so please do check it out and look for bugs!


Highlights --

The price is similar to previous large strongholds.

Large outdoor area, a snowy valley, with plenty of hooks (you can reach!) for Starships.

You can flip a switch to blow open a cave and populate your outdoor area with Killiks.

The castle is huge. The noble estate interior will look familiar to you. It's quite beautiful.

There is a stained glass window high up that projects a huge area of colors on the floor.

The throne room has a scenic window to the outside.

There's a balcony with an amazing view of the valley. (And a centerpiece hook for a hot tub.)

An elevator goes up to the mountain top with more structures, ruins, and a snowy area.

There's a shuttle taxi (not just a speeder).



I sure hope there's a Medium wall hook where I can put an elevator sign near the door to the elevator.


I also hope that take the one door that doesn't work OUT, because that's darned confusing.


What do you think?

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They need to throw in a nice Thranta nest.


Tony, they do not need to "do" that because there are some decos already that you can place your own, however you like. I have already decorated some of mine on PTS and i do have a Thranta nest near the ruins overlooking the mountain valley ;)


My other thoughts on the PTS version of the new Alderaan SH:

So (yesterday) ... i have finally seen (and toured around, being ACTUALLY THERE) the new Alderaan SH ON PTS ... some thoughts:


A video producer said there is a "hidden ninth room" somewhere in the SH, that the community managers did not mention during the Livestream this past December 16th. I did not see any? WHAT "hidden, ninth room"????


Did anyone else see the hidden area / room in the cave, BEHIND the back stalagmites and egg hives??? Jump past them and you run into an INVISIBLE WALL there, but you can definitely see that that part of the cave keeps going back a ways. Not finished? We just cannot get past the invisible wall right now :(


I definitely never caught the blue-clickable stalagmite before. the one that allows you to change lighting or the native Killik population / worker drones, etc... I need to check that out again.


What i hate about this stronghold, is very few things.... what i love about it, is most everything else! :)


Number ONE (1), WHAT I REALLY and MAINLY wanted, is a few, VERY TALL TOWERS ...that we could walk or elevator up into, where we could have an OBSERVATION or GOOD VIEW of the surrounding countryside.... meh we never got that yet. (and i am talking SKY HIGH here!!! WE DO NOT HAVE THAT in the current PTS version!!! SAD!!! :( ) PLEASE BUILD AT LEAST FOUR HIGH TOWERS in this castle (they can be expansions but please leave AT LEAST ONE as a NON-expansion and part of the default main hall of the main part of the Stronghold). MAKE THEM AS TALL AS POSSIBLE so we can get a great view! And make the FLOOR SPACE in at least 1 of the towers, enough to fill a decent living room .... the rest can be "bedroom" sized, if you like, but we need AT LEAST ONE WIDE tower, and the rest can be "average" floor space sized. THE KEY and BEST PART of Alderaan (for those who like that planet) is THE VIEW!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT TO INDULGE IN THE VIEW!!!!! PLEASE give us a TALLER OVERLOOK in these towers that you might build anew.


Two, I really wanted a BALCONY version of a hallway on the SECOND FLOOR to place things on, a balcony version of the ground floor but just above it -- inside the main hall. Where we could look out over the ground floor, similar to the Capital palace on Coruscant, or the Capital building in ACTUAL ALDERAAN (Panteer castle i think it is called?)


Also, the main hall's STAINED GLASS is BUGGED. When you place rugs or floor decos over top of the shined-down image from the stained glass? THE RUGS COVER THE LIGHT IMAGES INSTEAD of the LIGHT IMAGES COVERING the RUGS and floor decos as IT SHOULD be, in "reality".... VERY FLAWED with the image the stained glass casts down on the floor if you can cover that image with a silly rug and it no longer shows! :(


Also, SOME PEOPLE DID COMPLAIN about the lack of viewing window-space BEHIND THE THRONE ROOM / throne area... that they want that "hump" to be GONE and for the window there to maybe be bigger. I WAS ONE OF THOSE who complained about that and i do not like that either. But not everyone i talked to on PTS had issues with it. It should be a TOGGLE at best.


I love the "greensward" of all the land and surrounding countryside. The cave is ok too.... But there needs to be more "Set default spawn" device locations littered all over the place. I presume there will be more once it is finished by devs. And there are NO hook points in any of the water areas, outside. That is sad. Rishi at least had those, IN the water.

Also, there is a giant VALLEY right down below the RUINS area, that has 2 ship hook points, that i can barely see the bottom-most one, but we have NO WALK-ABLE access down to.... so really, what is the freaking point of that, anyway????


All in all, the rest of it is beautiful .... it was my TOP DREAM for this game to have a SH on Alderaan and i still cannot believe it is almost here. BUT PLEASE, Bioware, PLEASE!!! Put in some high towers in the main castle, and a balcony area for the 2nd floor that overlooks the main hall. PLEASE?


I am saying this only from a personal and private perspective and not as a Guildmaster, where other people have also had very legit (other) concerns in that respect as well.

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but A NEW GRAPHICS ENGINE (VULKAN or at least DX12???) with a new 64-bit LOW CPU LATENCY NON-FORKED client would be *********** NICE!!!!!!

Yes, of course, because that obviously takes the same effort as making a new stronghold.


Footnote: I'm not being verbatim truthful in the above statement. It is blatant sarcasm.

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The main entrance could use a few wall hooks, so we can place banners. Not to mention the entrance door should close too to imitate that the castle is in lockdown, etc...

Edit: I'm so gonna turn this SH into a Jedi temple and headcanon it that it's somewhere here on our planet Earth (Which I tend to call "Terran Prime". To me it just sounds better. I wonder how actual aliens out there call our planet.)

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