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Empire side of Huttbreaker's Mission GLITCH/BUG, So I guess this is staying??


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I see the patch notes for the patch that comes out later tonight/day. Let me see Eric made it clear that in the last mini patch this glitch/bug would be fixed i guess it is staying so i guess game play doesn't matter anymore. My sub is up in a few days i think i won't be resubbing due to this bug still being in game when it should have been fixed a while ago. And reporting it in a ticket you get told to report it here on the forum. Some of the patch notes are nice like the crafting. But to be HONEST I WAS HOPING FOR THAT BUG TO BE FIXED SO I CAN RUN MY IMP TOONS WITHOUT IT MESSING UP. But i guess it doesn't matter anymore as long as the Cartel Market and Cartel Coin problem is fixed and all the PVP crap i don't do. I enjoy PVE which it still messed up oh well. I am going to save my money.
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