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Body Guard help.


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Looking for suggestions on Stat priority, Skill Tree, Stim, tactical, 6 piece armor set, and 9 armoring amplifiers.

Oh and rotation.

Pve and pvp would be appreciated


Med shot is your spam heal that generates stacks for Supercharged Cell.

Keep HoT probes on folks.

If you need big heals Bacta Infusion followed by Adv Med Probe.

If you need big big heals Supercharged Cell, Bacta Infusion, Adv Med Probe, Tech Override, Adv Med Probe, Adv Med Probe (if you take the skill).

Successive treatment is a strong heal and ticks on others in the area for solid healing.

And kolto bomb is a good heal for AOE and HoTs on groups especially at nodes in PvP or melee fighting a boss in PvE.


That should get you started.

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