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what the best set bonus armor for snipers all 3 class ?


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HI here is the suggested set bonus:


Marksman - Establish Foothold.

Engineering - EF (same).

Virulence - EF (same)

With this always put one peace Amplified Champion.


Best Amplifier is Periodic Intensity for Engineering and Virulence, while Marksman needs Weapon Expertise.


As for Tacticals;

Marksman - Agitating Energies (single target) and Refraction Point (AoE)

Engineering - Ruthless Interrogation (st)

Virulence - Exploited Weakness (st) and Airborne Agents (AoE).


Best set up is to go 1.4 GCD with 1213 Alacrity, then rest in Crit, and there is a bit of a yes or not to go for the 105% Accuracy or not in PvP. I was running 0% Acc now have put one Implant and I am hitting better numbers so this is not entirely wrong.


Personally I went with a different set bonus (I play Engineering) for the extra roll when spamming the shield sorry can't remember the name. According to the Theorycrafters you will lose about 7% on a dummy with my set. But PvP is very different to an established rotation.


For knowledge I suggest you join the Discord Swtor Theorycrafters channel.

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The above answer is all correct and I would go with that. However, there is another option, but it is more niche, albeit very strong.


It is mostly for dueling and you will not usually have this much room to zoom around the map in a regular warzone (unless you press up against something). You should stick with Established Foothold and play MM the way it's meant to be before you branch out.


However, in marksmanship, the PT (Precise Targeter) set gives you 3 autocrits on Ambush every 40 something seconds - which is pretty perfect. And then you take the B0 tactical that makes your Ambush instacast and do 30% more damage when you roll.


Lots of movement and the Hololocate is used offensively, but if you have enough to build both... try it.


In PvP I run with 1 accuracy piece and 3 augments, 1214 alacrity.

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