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[PVE / PVP] Twilek's Gone Wild


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Long ago I started SWTOR and created Twilek's Gone Wild as a guild for my friends and myself to play together. Over the years we quit for various reasons, but have returned to enjoy the game once more.


We're a casual / laid back guild looking for players of all skill types, we just ask that you play. Guilds are places to have fun, be social, to get help, and enjoy the game together. We want active members to make that happen.


New player? Returning player? Have you played since Launch? No judgement here. I started in the Beta and yet here I am re-learning the game again.


We do want to raid eventually. We started new characters, keeping our higher levels in the shadows, so that we can both re-learn the game and re-live what made us love the game so much.


If you are interested, shoot me a whisper in game, or pm me here. I will be on either Thazzii or Thazii.




Am I required to be a Twi'lek?

No. We could use new Cameramen!


Which Side?

We currently play Sith

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