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Please stop making furniture for Jawas.


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I decided to purchase the latest decoration bundles and was very frustrated and disappointed (yet again) to discover the Onderon Love Seat scaled down to such a disproportionately small size. It is a really nicely designed piece of furniture, and for some reason the Devs in charge of releasing this type of content don't stop to actually consider scaling it proportionally to the size of our characters! The result is furniture that appears about 25-30% smaller than it should be. This happened with other pieces like the Zakuulan Socialite Couch and the Dark Eternal Throne.


Details matter, and what I have observed over the years I have invested in playing this game is that there is a consistent lack of consideration and zero communication when it comes to Strongholds and Decorations. It is incredibly frustrating that something as simple as scaling a piece of furniture to its proportional size continues to occur despite hundreds of posts from avid, dedicated decorators who provide thoughtful and constructive feedback.


Why, why WHY does this kind of thoughtless crap keep happening?

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I do hope they fix that. Likewise, I hope they fix some of the furniture arrangements that are not usable.


ARRANGEMENT: ZAKUULAN LUXURY LOUNGE -- Middle couch too close to table to sit at.


ARRANGEMENT: ZAKUULAN PARTY TABLE -- Seats too low to sit on without floating.


CANTINA LOUNGE -- Stools too close to table to sit at.


CASINO TABLE (Large) -- Stools too close to table to sit at.


And of course, the aforementioned ZAKUULAN SOCIALITE COUCH -- Seat too low to sit on without floating.


Of course, I keep hoping they'll change the /CHAIR emote so that we sit back a little farther, instead of hovering on the edge of seats.


Or perhaps even modify the couches and chairs to act like the Captain's chair on the personal starship, where you can click it and you automatically sit. (Couches, of course, would need 2-4 places to click. Not impossible, other MMOs do it.)


Please, Santa Yoda? Fix some furniture for us?

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