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PVP Bugs that still haven't been fixed


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Penetrating Blast knock back (when taking the utility) still knocks back through white bar.

Engineering roll root still roots through white bar.

Guardian Blade Barrage root (when taking the utility) still creates a rubberband effect so that players who cleanse it's effect are kept in place.

Powertech jump still does not work half the time.

Phantoms stride/holotraverse still does not work half the time.

Hololocate is still delayed apon use.

Commando net still nets through resisting abilities such as roll.

Powertech carbonize still carbonizes through abilities it should not such as shroud.


key word still, as in still years later...


feel free to add yours too

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single biggest bug that needs to be addressed but hasn't since 1.0. The amount of times i have missed a player killing skill or heal and its cost me in ranked.



being attacked by invisible targets or not being able to attack someone 3m from you, to have them then glitch port 50m away onto a platform.

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pretty sure they fixed the commando net thing. Don't know if the problem reverted in 6.0

However ghost gcd is still a thing and it's not limited to the GCD. It can stop off GCD abilities, I think this mainly has to do with chain lightnings reaction, I have had it cancel nearly 5 backstabs in a row tonight and several power yields. I pressed it, animation goes, doesn't actually go off. Still can use it no CD.

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A long time ago in a galaxy... with a different dev team, they indicated that they really did not like these listings. Like, this is not a constructive way to communicate. Simply put, they will not fix anything. :eek::D

hahaha they didn't like being called out on the **** they didn't know how to fix

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Commando Net still goes through Shroud, just like PT Carbonize does. This just happened to me yesterday... the Net. Carbonize happened a few days ago, maybe five or six. Either way, Shroud is currently broken as has been for a long while. I was not aware they tried to fix this already.


And I don't mean time delays and lag making it overlap in the first millisecond or the last one. I mean it goes through right smack in the middle 3rd of the 5 seconds on the Shroud; when it quite obviously should be resisted.


Powertech jump does not work for me about 5-10% of the time and just goes on cool-down.

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