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New Probe Droid Customizations

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Seems it has been a while since we got new customizations for CM companions, so how about a small push to make them interessing again. Besides some long overdue customizations for the Mawvorr companion (come on, there are at least half a dozen reskin ideas out there, going by NPCs and minipets) I would really love to get new customizations for my probe droid. The Revanite one is nice and I like the Czerka customization too, but seeing how many miniprobes exist... I would love to get some of those as customizations, especially to get some kind of Imperial Probe Droid Customization. Or a white one like the Sub-Zero Miniprobe. It seems kind of unnecessary to me to list them here to provide some referene material, but here we go: Sub-Zero Miniprobe, Underworld Miniprobe, Low Atmosphere Miniprobe, Vigilant Miniprobe
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