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ctrl left from galatic trader


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ctrl left from galatic trader doesnt work ... i created a ticket but no response ..anyone have the same prob ? thank you

It does work, but you have to go into the Interface Editor and turn on "Enable movable secondary window". This does several things:

* Removes the distinction between "primary" and "secondary" windows. Primary windows are things like vendors, inventory, cargo holds and other storage panels, and the character panel that shows your gear.

* Enables windows to be moved more freely, and they remember where you moved them to.

* Removes the limit of two on the number of primary windows you can have open.(1)


The old preview window (what gets launched by Ctrl+LeftClick) was a secondary window, and the new one is a primary window.


(1) There are still limits, but less intrusive than before. You still can't have two vendor/storage windows open. What you can do is have the following all open at once:

* Preview

* Inventory

* Character

* Item Modification

* Storage *or* vendor

* Collections

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