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New/Returning player looking for mature "casual" guild


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Hi everyone,

my Name is Marc, I'm in my thirties and have recently returned to SWOTR after trying it briefly after launch. Wasn't my cup of tea back then, but I do enjoy it now quite a bit. I am currently plaing on the German language server, but am looking to start fresh on Darth Malgus. Due to my job I have moved around a bit, lived in Sweden and New zealand, and generally prefer the international atmosphere. And for that I would like to join a friendly guild - going through the personal story arc is fine, but I feel like I am missing a ton about the game just playing it as a solo RPG ;)


I have played a bunch of MMOs in my day, but due to job, relationship and other hobbies, I am approaching this relatively casually. Which doesn't mean that I am never online; quite the opposite at the moment. But I am not looking for a hardcore raid guild with fixed schedules and such. Instead, I would like to joina friendly community of mature players which are in the same boat as me - i.e. we like the hobby, but also have to maw the lawn every now and then^^


I am totally open with regards to the faction, since I would be starting fresh. I do have a 43 Sith Juggernaut at the moment, which I could probably transfer tho.


Any takers? ;)




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The Taco Tappers Elite are looking for people to join us.we are all 30+.(all 5 of us) and like you we have real lives and families.we play for fun with an easy going outlook towards the game.we are also new'ish to the game as far as guilds go.we look forward to hearing from you.


take care and keep safe...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

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Hi Marc! Our new guild is mostly made up out of 30+ folk that recently returned to SWTOR. We've retro-fitted our "friends & family" Discord server to be a hub for all guild memebers. But anyone simply looking for company is welcome to! Our group is diverse, covering a variety of nationalities.


Find out more about our guild at:



Or simply come hang out on our Discord at:



See you around and best of luck in your guild hunt!

/ Jules

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