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PVP - Cross Servers (please vote and make this show up)


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I am sorry if this subject has already been posted but I couldn't find it when I searched for it.


Here is the thing, I am playing on FR server : Leviathan.


If you want to do ranked game, you have to tag in between 6pm and 9pm. Otherwise, it NEVER proc.


Like this you don't realize but on FR server, it is impossible to succeed the Ranked group quest unless you tag 2 team of your guild (but you need a guild who like to do pvp).


There is a lot of important quest that help you gear up (such as kill the queen in veteran mode or have 50 ranked game played) or the weekly cristal > have 50 ranked game.


On FR server it is impossible to do those quest because there is not enough people playing in ranked pvp. There is a lot of people playing in pvp but, I think they don't do ranked because the waiting time is way too long.

On top of that when it proc, you never play against people from your rank because there is few people in queue which means it is either too easy or too hard.

And finally, you never get the weekly rewards / daily rewards, which make it even harder to craft or gear up.


That is why I would like to know if you think it is a good idea to cross ranked game in between servers.

Europe Area (english servers + French server + german server)

US Area


I know that World of Warcraft does that and it work pretty well.

Also, not a MMO, but League of legend as only one europe server which means no ping.


Would be nice to let me know what you think :)


Obviously if you are on English servers, maybe you don't experience this problem...


Thank you for the time you will take to read this post.



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