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<Solitary> is lookng for an Imperial ally


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Our Republic guild, <Solitary>, is rather unique. We have one rule, "be nice", and we demand nothing of our members other than that.


Unfortunately, we (myself and the officers of <Solitary>) simply do not have the time to devote to <Dark Solitary>, our Imperial sister guild. If we can find an Imperial guild with the same values as we have in <Solitary>, I would much like to hear about it. In short, this is what we have in <Solitary>, and what we would want from an allied Imperial guild.


  • One rule: "be nice".
  • All members can summon via the guild flagship.
  • No other demands are made of members. No tedious list of rules, no requirement to participate in operations or conquest, no demand that they attend meetings. We have operations, and conquest, and meetings, but other than "be nice", everything is optional.


If you believe that your Imperial guild is compatible, please let me know.

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