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Cartel Coins Limit to how many you can Buy!!!!!!!!!


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So i started playing the game and i get some cartel coins YAY so i can get so cool stuff so i go on and buy some and then get more. Well I get an ERROR CODE 9 i follow the step go to the web site to try there I find out that my account is locked out from getting more so i call up CS to get it unlock I wait the 3 day and all is well. Error code 9 shows up again I call CS again they unlock it AGAIN. Today it gets lock AGAIN I call up and ask the Rep why does this keep happening the rep Said" I see this has happened before did you know that you have it the cap for the Cartel Coins purchase and the you making multiple attempts locks your account?"


"so i will go and escalate this to A.n.B and get this fix."

"Thank you and why is there no warning about the limit?"

"May I suggest letting people know about the limit in the forums."


so here I am letting you know and also asking the Dev team to put a Warning or something to let people know that your limit on how many Cartel Coin you can get and if they have reached it as to avoid Error Code 9 and pestering the A.n.B department with unlocking accounts.


P.S thank you Joshua

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I can understand there being safe guards in place to protect you in case of error or fraud, imagine someone getting access to your account and using your saved credit card to purchase hundreds of dollars of CC's. But, I'm curious, how much were you trying to purchase? Not asking specific amounts but were you doing transaction after transaction?
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