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HK-51 bugged


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I'm leveling my character through KOTFE, and my companion sheet still allows me to summon HK-51 while I'm only on chapter 6. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Summary: if you mean HK-51, then it's not a bug, and if you mean HK-55, it's not a bug.


HK-51 or HK-55? That's not a facetious question - people do sometimes confuse the two. 51 is the slightly psycho assassin droid from the Section X scavenger-hunt mission, while 55 is the bodyguard droid you meet during Chapter III of KotFE. I just want to make sure we're all talking about the same thing.


There are places before Chapter IX where you can summon non-KotFE companions, although normally the only non-KotFE companions you can have at that point on "first play-through" on a character are HK-51, Treek, and the various Cartel Market no-crafting companions (Nexu, Probe Droid, etc.). I say "normally" because one of my Shadows began KotFE at a time when the companion-removal was bugged, so she never lost her pre-KotFE companions.

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