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Skipping ahead & changing our story


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Hi, many months ago I ran into the issue of the game changing my story because I skipped a chapter (Gemini Deception) in the KotFE with my Inquisitor. The game didn't just make the default choices for the chapter I skipped, it changed ALL my choices to the darkside ones. As a result I lost Koth & HK 55 (who has since been restored to me), and also apparently ended the romance with Lana. I get why the game would make the DS choices for the content I skipped, but why does it go back and change EVERY choice you've made to the dark ones? Your staff told me when I contacted them over this that for my choices to have meaning they must be unalterable, I agree....so why can your game change ALL my choices like that? It's unfair. My suggestion to you is to only let the game choose for what's skipped, and to let those of us so affected have the choice of replaying the arcs to restore OUR choices.
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