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Flag Holograms - missing, even though they are placed !!! for developers


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hi everyone!

how are you all ?


Starting about a month ago (just a short while before hollidays), after some game update, the holograms flags are no longer rendered.


I have multiple, on both republic and empire, but they no longer display!

They dont even show up in the small preview window, if i click their green square (in Edit Mode for decorations) !!!


But i see their name and "Pick up" is on, which means the item is placed!


My ingame ticket goes unanswered for over 3 weeks now !

Does anyone have a clue as to when they will fix this ?!


can any developer give us an official answer to this?

or is this some bug that will go unfixed for ever, like the broken quest bonusses on Taris ?

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