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Told you there was a server issue and it was not my side this is the reply I got.


Your Ticket# 33766928



I’m sorry you’ve had some technical problems with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.


To get back in the game as soon as possible, please try the following steps collected for you by Protocol Droid M0-T0, Human-Cyborg Relations:


• Check that your graphics drivers are up to date, and try a clean installation of your graphics driver:



• Work through the launcher troubleshooting guide to clear up any problems with patching or launching the game:



• If you’re still having trouble connecting to the game, you’ll find additional help here:



• Check the Star Wars: The Old Republic board on Answers HQ to see if any other players have had the same problem as you:



If you’re still having trouble after trying these steps, please contact us again and let us know what you’ve tried.


Galactic Support is our Specialty…


The Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Customer Service team.

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