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While We're Waiting on Servers, Any Update on 5.10 Bug Fixes?


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5.10 brought Ossus, which is a great daily area, but also unfortunately introduced a ton of very substantial bugs, most of which have been reported in the Bugs section here on the forums and I'm sure via tickets.


Can we get an update from the team on which ones are being fixed and when we can expect patches?


Some very significant things that broke include companion AI in combat, companions missing or not available to recruit (like HK-55, one we paid for) after using Auto-Complete to Ossus, Class Story quests, character faces missing, all kinds of decorations bugged, Nadia not speaking in combat, etc. This is off the top of my head, so please excuse me if I didn't list more important things than bugged decorations. There are some really bad bugs, Eric (though I do want my Republic bomber back in my Stronghold - whoever stole it, I'm coming for you!).


In any case, while the servers are down, I thought I'd bring this up.


Ossus is a nice addition to the game, but it broke a lot of the rest of SWTOR. Please fix what broke. As players, many of us assume Anthem is almost all that matters at the studio right now, but we can at least expect the parts of SWTOR we've enjoyed for years to properly function right?


Even if it takes a couple patches after a large one, the bugs need to be addressed.


We'd really prefer it if the team could somehow go back to how 1.x/2.x/3.x/and even 4.x patches were, when it comes to QA before going live. It seems like in 5.x, a lot of significant bugs are just let into the live game that weren't in the past.

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