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returning player looking for Imperial Guild


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I played this game on and off throughout the years casually but just recently bought a subscription and want to run through content with a active guild. Looking for an active imperial guild that doesnt mind a newer player Edited by Muuahkael
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Greetings, Muuahkael!


Before I discuss our guild, I have questions which will help you determine if RAIA should be your home in SWTOR:

  • Do you enjoy playing Operations, Warzones, Flashpoints, Uprisings, or Galactic Starfighter?
  • Do you enjoy completing weekly Planetary Conquest and Galactic Command objectives?
  • Do you enjoy supporting an active, helpful, organized, and established guild?
  • Do you enjoy learning from competent and communicative veteran players?
  • Do you enjoy teamworking with respectful and understanding players?
  • Do you enjoy communicating by voice via Discord instead of typing?
  • Do you enjoy participating in weekly scheduled guild events?
  • Do you enjoy completing challenging content in guild teams?
  • Do you enjoy leading, helping, or teaching new players?
  • Do you enjoy livestreaming your adventures in SWTOR?


If you answered "Yes!" to most of these questions, I invite you to join our guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Please review our guild information, and if you have any questions, please contact me via Discord or Enjin.




Ignatiatus, Guild Leader of <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA)


Mission Statement:


Vision Statement:

  • <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) strives to develop guild member proficiency of challenging endgame multiplayer content in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) via educational events, individual mentorship, and accurate theorycrafting.


How to Join RAIA:

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