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Return obsolete content for direct purchase or Command Crate drop


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Roughly 18 months ago I spoke with Customer Care about the availability of some old lightsaber and armor skins, the Desler Nomad and other HM (now MM) FP mounts. I was informed most of these items are obsolete, though players report the speeders do still drop on rare occasion. It seems their drop rates have reduced or vanished since decorations were introduced, and many of these have since vanished as well.


I recall BioWare once floated the idea of returning more old content besides what we find in Command and Heroic crates. Please, consider returning more old items this way. There are some collection achievements we cannot get because of obsolete item removal, i.e. "Gearhead".


Thanks for your time.

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I would like to see all the "missing" items made available for purchase in the Cartel Market.

No, I don't mean the elite rewards or founder rewards or ops drops.

I mean, for example, the Flashpoint reward decorations that got cut when they decided that each FP would drop one specific deco, making it impossible to get the other decos that used to be part of the random odds. Or the Republic generator node, where the Republic vendor only sells the Imperial version.

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