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Server legacy refresh option instead of a full character transfer


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My toons are where I want them to be. I don't need to transfer them to other servers except when I want to update my legacy from my "legacy farm" server to the other servers.


So rather than ask for 90cc character transfer which some people have recently stated they're against because of they feel people should "pay the freight" in transferring, and I'm not here to argue that sentiment as good or bad, how about a means to refresh the legacy of other servers without actually transferring a character? It would act the same way as a character transfer, just no actual transfer takes place.


The way I see it working:

1. Log into your account on swtor.com and go to the character transfer page.

2. Select everything you'd ordinarily do to transfer a character from one server to another.

3. Before hitting the transfer button, hit a checkbox that says "legacy update only"

At that point, the stated transfer price adjusts from 1000cc to 90cc.

4. Hit the transfer button.


On the background, a copy is made of the character as if copying the character to the test server, but after the legacy is updated on the destination server, the copy is destroyed. That should simplify the coding in the background rather than having to create an entirely new transfer system just for legacies.


If the code can be tweaked to update legacies across servers more efficiently than that, go for it.


What the player experiences: the original character on the original server is untouched and still there, and no new characters show up on the character select page of the destination server, but the destination server now has the legacy of the source server.

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