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Some Suggestions that Seem Small


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So, I have been wondering for a long time why these didn't never happened. These are just my easy suggesttions to improve the gameplay in I think, a resource friendly manner.


1. Add a Daily repeatable quest for completing a HM (and/or NIM) ops.

At this point, it is more rewarding to do GF ops than HM ops with Group Finder rewards giving huge amountS of CXP. You can mitigate it and give some incentive to run a HM ops this way.


2. Make Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid final quests repeatable and add them to the group finder along with some other quests like Aurora Cannon and that Colossal droid on Iokath (before anyone says you don't the resources to do so.)


3. Rework the group finder ops' order back into its chronological order like it used to be so that people who want to progress through the Dread War can do both the ops in two days. I don't why this was mixed in the first place.


4. Add a weekly for Rishi's Daily repeatables and make some of the unrepeatable side quests repeatable and add them to it too. Just for the sake of "making content"...


5. Make Darvannis a Daily Area adding some easy repeatables like "kill x skytroopers" and "scan x objects" etc. and a weekly for it. The map is there. Just use it.


6. Increase the CXP rewards from all the one-time quests like class-stories, side quests, one-time ops missions, quest-chains etc by 5 times. Since they all give the same CXP [which is around 180 with most bonuses for me (and which is laughable)], it shouldn't be a problem. This way you can make solo/story/RP players. (I noticed that EV one time mission in republic side gives around 3000 CXP with bonuses, a very nice mistake maybe?)


7. Make all the heroic and Daily weeklies (save for Yavin and Iokath) give the same amount of CXP. Since there is level-synch, and there are around 5 quests to complete in each, they are more or less at the same level of difficulty. (Don't nerf, but buff of course)

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