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[Guild Recruitment] <Sorrow's Agony> Casual RP Guild w/ PvE/PvP (Imp side)


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<Sorrow's Agony> is now recruiting new members! We are a casual guild with an emphasis on RP. We are looking for stable, active members. Discord is required. Without further ado, a bit about us....


Guild Storyline:

We are an task force for the Empire given freedom to a degree quite questionable. As long as results are produced though, it is of little consequence to our superiors. The manner of the threats we face are varied and numerous in number. Little to mention, often equally eldritch in nature.....


RP style:

While we do have a classic Master apprentice system, it is not mandatory. Non Force Sensitives are just as welcome to apply as well (We do have squads, when there are enough individuals to form one). We do attempt to utilize the PvE environment for more engaging challenges, though when appropriate, a classic roll system is also used, as is PvP should both parties agree.



We utilize ranks as both a management and to give our members a sense of progression. Our council members are rotated out on a regular basis with long term members of the guild.



Sundays: Flashpoints/WB/Conquest

Monday/Thursday Nights: RP Trials/Lessons

Friday Nights: OPS

Saturday Nights: RP Guild Story


The rest of the week, people are free to have character development free form sessions! If you want to involve the rest of the guild in a story you are cooking up, feel free to contact the Storyteller to organize a time!


Our application process:

To ensure we do not have trolls or other shennaginators get in, we have a simple application process.


1.) Log into our Discord: https://discord.gg/AgfEHUp

(Please note this link only gives temporary access)


2.) Enter the answers to the following questions in our applications text channel.

(While RP is a focus in the guild, it is not mandatory!)

-What things are you looking for in joining this guild?

-What is your RP character like? Do they already have a backstory?

-What sort of RP role do you wish to play (Soldier, Sniper, Advisor, Blademaster, etc.)?

-What aspects of the game do you enjoy the most? RP, PvE, OPS, PvP, Crafting, Socializing?

-How experienced of a player would you consider yourself? (Can vary per aspect of the game!)


3.) After the application is submitted, one of our officers will be with you in a timely manner!

(Also in the application, please leave a character name, to make you easier to contact in game!)

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