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Old MMO Player Looking for the Right Guild


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Here's what I tend to enjoy:

Fun, clever, mature players who don't mind getting silly from time to time.

The story.

Light roleplay.

All content, but sadly I don't have time for Operations.

Open world PvP (how I miss early Ultima Online), but I haven't had time to learn PvP in SWTOR.


I don't enjoy players who forget that it's just a video game, not the Royal Shakespeare Company, not the NFL, and not a job. Racism, sexism, homophobia, or other kids of viciousness or thoughtlessness lands people on my ignore list. Just sayin'


I keep myself interested by having lots and lots of alts, Empire and Republic. I have fully developed crafters in all crafts, etc. I try to be a competent player, but I'm not a fantastic player.


I play when I can, and will sometimes go months where I just don't have time.


If this sounds like someone you'd like to run with, please reply.


Thank you.

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hello, we are all of the above i think, check out this clip from an operation we did on friday, we are a fun and easy bunch of people, we have discord and we do all of the content in the game even tho some of us are hardcore pvp'ers we are pretty laidback and there's no pressure.




Thank you. I personally would feel very taunted by "picklewiggle" :eek:

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