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AHG, player carrying orb can't get it to activate at pylon


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Just had an AHG where we were trying to run orbs at the end. I was guarding the pylon, so I watched this happen. At the start of the round one of my team arrived with an orb, and it triggered when he got to the pylon and we got the points for it. Later on in the same round (but nearly a minute left still) another team mate brought an orb to the pylon, and it would not trigger. She kept running back and forth over the pylon, but the orb just stayed in her possession and we didn't get the points.


I don't have video, but I snagged a picture. You can see the other player here standing practically on the pylon, but still with the orb. She ran around and over the pylon for about 20 seconds.




(And to make it worse, THEY turned in an orb just after I got this picture, and we actually lost by their orb working. :( )

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