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Can you please add hook capacity to the guild flagships like you did for Manaan?


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There have been dozens upon dozens of requests and suggestions over the years asking....BEGGING you guys to increase the hook count for guild flagships. Instead, you increased the hook count for Manaan, which was already one of the most difficult strongholds to decorate to 100% due to the horrible hook allocations. The flagship, on the other hand, is massive in comparison and is limited to 800 (hooks used). Yavin 4 is 750, and while it's a very large SH, it's still not as big as a flagship. Then there's the new Rishi SH, with 1600 hooks - twice the allotment of a flagship - and while it is certainly larger in scale than the flagships, I would not say it's twice the size.


I'm not asking that flagships be increased to 1600, but I am asking that they be increased to something more substantial, somewhere between 1000 - 1200, perhaps? If you can do it for Manaan, which did NOT need the increase, why can't you do it for our flagships which absolutely need a higher hook allocation? And it should go without saying that flagships represent the pinnacle of guild achievement. If anything in the SH realm should be given some latitude, it should be the guild flagship.


So again, for who knows how many dozens of times it's been asked before, PLEASE increase the hook count for guild flagships and don't wait another year or two or three to do it.



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