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Restore Female Twi'lek Dancer deco to original appearance please


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I am displeased with the appearance change to the original female Twi'lek dancer obtainable from one of the decoration vendors on fleet. This happened back on patch 5.9 or 5.9.1, so if there's a post about it, it's long buried. I don't know why the female Twi'lek dancers need to have some poorly rendered, woodgrain-looking half leggings and bikini tops, but they're ugly as pond scum. The Twi'lek and Mirilian dancers in the cantina personnel pack--which I bought--have the original style outfits, so why the change? It wasn't broke, don't "fix" it.


Just give us back the original look to the female Twi'lek dancer, please. Those new outfits look plain godawful, and I have three of those dancers. I'm not gonna pay out another 600CC just to have better looking SH entertainers.

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