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De-nerfing Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular


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Can these character classes be de-nerfed to the point where they aren't dead weight please? I play mostly imps so I'll be mentioning them, but with the mirroring the same applies to pubs.


I love playing as the Sith Sorcerer. I love the look, I love the story, I love the companions, but the gameplay just sucks. I tried playing sorc and actually got him to full set of level 70 tier 1 equipment, but compared to other classes he is just so weak, both as a damage dealer and in terms of health. I could set my companion to tank but then my mobs in PvE took relatively long to kill and when I set them to DPS, mobs would kill me fairly quickly unless I used shields and other buffs which aren't necessary when playing as Mercenary for instance.


While I understand the low health part, inquisitors having only light armor and being the "mage" equivalent of this Star Wars MMORPG, the damage output should be way higher.


Snipers/Gunslingers are DPS-only. Stands to reason that they have the highest damage. But Inquisitors are almost identical to Bounty Hunters and yet are weaker in every way. Both have a close range tank spec and long range Healer cast spec. But while BH has heavy armor and decent damage, Sorcs have light armor and weak damage.


Shouldn't Inquisitors have higher damage output than BH to compensate for the armor difference? Or the fact that sorcs have a lightsaber which is almost completely unused when casting at long range? I understand that mastering buffs may be necessary to successfully play this class in PvP, but being forced to memorize rotations just not to die when doing the story sucks.

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You need to be more specific about what you want changed.


There are 2 advanced classes, and 3 specs per for inq/con


From reading your post you have a problem with sorc/sage dps only, a known issue.


Sorg/Sage heal specs are fine


Sin/Shadow tank specs are fine


I think Sin/Shadow deception spec is fine, but you do trade some dps for survivability and cc.


So - out of 6 potential specs in the inq/consu classes - there are only 2 (the sorc/sage dps) that could use a bit of buff.


Although for solo content- you should not be having any problems clearing content with a dps sorc unless you are very undergeared or underlevelled. You don't need a perfect rotation/utility setup, a quick read the dulfy class guide might help http://dulfy.net/2016/12/26/swtor-5-0-lightning-sorcerer-pve-guide-by-sion/

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As I wrote at the bottom of my post it is increased damage output that I want and I do know that story content can be cleared with the inquisitor as he is now, but it does take longer to defeat the same enemy with a DPS- spec sorc for instance than any other class.
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deception is not fine...it has no force management at all as the responsible passives have 100% uptime...same with its dr passives. i call that bad design.

secondly its survivability isnt that good either since they removed stun dr (talking from a solo ranked point of view)

hatred lost its ability to kite as it was a hybrid melee/range spec before same as ap pt


i dont think i need to talk about dps sorcs...


as for dps sins...................give them their old abilities back (like who came up with this LETS REMOVE PW AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER GOOD STUFF, that made no sense at all)

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