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Combat is in DESPERATE need of improvement(and other stuff)


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-Less delay on hits

-weaker enemies easier to kill

-More animations

-Free aim (reticle combat great for ranged weapon users)

-More fluid lightsaber motions

-More emphasis on abilities and hits, like when hurling a rock it makes the weaker mobs move around and get staggered. On stronger abilities is kills them outright and on tougher enemies maybe add a amputation animation.

-More animations(finisher, counter, parry, dodge, block etc...)

-More movement mechanic when fighting such as dodging and blocking


Overall try to make combat like BDO, Vindictus and ESO. Their combat is very responsive and feels fluid each attack you make has weight behind it.


I think combat is the one of the MAJOR issues that is holding the game back. Combat is essential part of mmorpgs and if it is not fun, then a lot of people will leave immediately because it carries the star wars brand and has war in the name so you know it is a fighting game. Please make combat better in your future updates, the only reason why I stuck around on this game was because of the story and brand. If it didn't carry the star wars brand or a good story line this game would've probably failed a long time ago.


There are a bunch of other problems Bioware can take notes from other MMORPGS such as end game gear from GW2 make it so that end gear stays end gear regardless of expansions. Being able to receive cartel market items from raids or good looking stuff that can be transferred between characters(low chance of course) AS IN NOT CHARACTER BOUND CARTEL MARKET ITEMS!!!!! at least make them legacy bound.


Another feature I would like to see added is a shared progression system between different sub classes for example: sith assassins and sith sorcerer when creating a new character gives the option of basically duplicating the character just with a different sub class so you don't have to do all of that stuff again. Oh yeah a quest tracker would be nice to see what stuff i haven't did yet.


But main point is please change the combat system above all else. There is also another problem with the current monetization model with it being subscription instead of one time payment :/ GW2 is very popular cause of its very fair business model and ESO of course.


I know Bioware is preoccupied ATM with Anthem, but if you can address these problems in the future that will be great. If a game like WOW is thriving more than a decade later so can SWTOR!

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I agree, combat in SWTOR needs to be more fluid and responsive. Changing the combat mechanics would be a lot of work, but I believe would be well worth it in the long run. A wise investment of the Devs time, because I believe it would bring in new players and maintain old.


I like your comment about lack of weight behind attacks; combat needs to feel engaging, responsive and be enjoyable, there does seem to be a lack of weight behind attacks.

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