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resolution bug with multi monitor setup (different monitor resolutions)


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I got a bug in multi monitor setup, even if windows is configured just to use one monitor (the newer gamer monitor) but both monitors are connected to the gfx-card the game is compressing the 1920 x 1200 resolution of the 2nd (deactivated!) monitor into the 1920 x 1080 resolution of the active monitor. Thats was not the case when the game was released but started about a year later. Now like 4 years later that problem still exists.


The only thing that helps is disconnecting the 2nd monitor from the gfx-card, which is not really a viable permanent solution if one wants to use it on a regular basis. Even less if I would want to display something on that 2nd display besides the game on monitor one.


In WoW I could play the game on the main monitor and stream videos to the second monitor without any issues.


I wonder why the game does not use the resolution of the main monitor no matter how many are connected? It makes no sense, even less so because it worked at the game release.

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Thanks mate but thats an external tool. EA/Bioware should have the bug fixed. It was them who caused the bug via a game patch in the first place.


I mean how hard can it be for a game to use the native resolution of the active monitor???

It should let us choose the monitor in a multi-monitor setup or at least adhere to the resolution chosen in the settings.

There is no logical reason for the game to use another resolution than the one we set and then compress the picture.

Other games manage, SWTOR should too.

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